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Anina Ot is a contributor to Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum, covering security, privacy, cloud computing and data science. She believes technology exists to make lives easier, but many people are intimidated by highly technical topics. She started writing to make tech and privacy more accessible.

Data Migration Trends

What are the current trends and predictions for data migration in the coming year?

Data Migration vs. ETL: What’s the Difference?

This article compares the differences between ETL and Data Migration to help users plan their own implementation.

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Find the best providers of cloud computing services on the market, and their offerings.

Data Science Tools

Find the best open source and proprietary data science tools.

Top Data Visualization Tools

Find the best data visualization tools and soft for data science and analytics.

What is a Host-Based Firewall?

Host-based firewalls are a software-based type of firewall that is deployed and fully operated on the network’s devices, using the designated operating system-run software, instead of directly in the line of network...

What Is an Application Level Gateway? Guide to Proxy Firewalls

Application-level gateways, also known as proxy firewalls, are a type of network security solution that takes action on behalf of the apps and programs they’re set to monitor in a network. They’re...

Circuit-Level Gateways: Definition, Features & Examples

A circuit-level gateway is a type of firewall that operates on layer 5 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which is the session layer. It’s the layer responsible for providing the...

Stateful vs. Stateless Firewalls: Differences Explained

Of the many types of firewall solutions that can be used to secure computer networks, stateful and stateless firewalls work on opposite sides of the spectrum. While stateful inspection firewalls dig deep...

What is a Packet-Filtering Firewall?

A packet-filtering firewall is a type of firewall that filters network traffic to block any packets that carry malicious code or files.  To understand this, here's some background: Data packets are the primary...

Stateful Inspection Firewall: Definition, Benefits and How It Works

A firewall is a cybersecurity tool dedicated to securing the outer parameters of a network. They come in a variety of types depending on their location in the network, the amount of...

Top 16 Cloud Service Providers & Companies in 2023

Cloud service providers help businesses access their software, storage, and resources online. Compare top cloud services now.

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